Papale Making by Jim Skibby


Weaver and teacher of ulana lauhala Jim Skibby has been making lauhala hats for many years. He has studied with such famous kumu ulana as Aunty Josephine Fergestrom and Uncle Ed Kaneko among others. He feels that because he was given information about hat making freely, that he should share this knowledge freely with others.

He began writing in 2006 and revised and improved what was written in 2011. The following chapters are an outline for making a Kona style lauhala hat based on both the shared knowledge and his own experiences in making hats. 

Book Introduction

Ch. 00 Introduction


Ch. 00. Glossary

Cleaning Lauhala – the way Jim Skibby does it.

Cleaning Lauhala

Chapter 1 – Making the Piko

Ch. 01 Piko

Chapter 1a – Making a Stringless Piko

Stringless Piko001

Chapter 2 – Starting the Pā

Ch. 02. Starting Pā

Chapter 3 – How to Weave Maka ʻOʻeno ( twill )

Ch. 03 Maka ʻOʻeno

Chapter 4 – Hāunu on Pā ( Adding in koana or mauʻu to the pā )

Ch. 04. Hāunu on Pā

Chapter 5 – Adding the First Round to the Pā

Ch. 05 First Add Round

Chapter 6 – Adding the Second Round to the Pā

Ch. 06 Second Add Round

Chapter 7 – Placing the Pā on the Ipu ( or Pahu )

Ch. 07 Placing Pā on Ipu

Chapter 8 – Weaving the Crown

Ch. 08 Weaving the Crown

Chapter 9 – Hāunu Hūnā ( the hidden add-in )

Ch. 09. Hāunu Hūnā

Chapter 10 – Starting the Brim

Ch. 10 Starting the Brim

Chapter 11 – Adding on the the Brim

Ch. 11 Adding on Brim

Chapter 12 – Hiʻi ( completing the edge of the brim )

Ch. 12 Hiʻi

Chapter 13 – Finishing the Pāpale

Ch. 13 Finishing

Chapter 14 – The Pawehe Pattern

Ch. 14 Pawehe

Chapter 15 – The Kaimana Pattern

Ch. 15 Kaimana

Chapter 16 – The Love Knot

Ch. 16 Love Knot

Chapter 17 – The Nene Pattern

Ch. 17 Nene Pattern

Chapter 18 – Weaving Anoni Patterns