Adding in Koana


When enlarging the brim of a hat or making a circular placemat larger, itʻs necessary to continue to add in koana. This is because the circumference of the article becomes larger and more koana are needed to keep up with this increase in size.

There are many ways to do this. For simplicity sake, we have chosen three common approaches to get the reader started. We will be using the Lauhala Weaving Practice Tool to demonstrate the steps. The picture below shows two different approaches to adding koana in progress, a folded koana addition on the left and a two piece koana addition on the right.

The lateral curvature of the brim of a hat is at least partly a function of how frequently koana are added as the brim progresses. We will deal with this topic in another article.

Listing of Several Types of Koana Add Ins

Adding Two Separate Koana

Adding a Single Folded Koana

Adding a Single Bent Koana