Old Hawaiian Ukulele Pics

Some time ago, I had quite a number of Hawaiian ukuleles from the teens, ’20’s and ’30s. I took the opportunity to photograph them along with others borrowed from friends. These are the ukuleles that were used to make the database for identifying those instruments of mine and others where the label on the inside was missing. Nothing fancy here, just the pics and the name of the maker of each instrument (which is below each instrument).

1915Kumalae2ykeke11915 Jonah Kumalae                                                       Y’Ke’Ke   ( Waikiki)




Ukulele Mfg. Co.                                                                          Sam F. Chang


pre1915Kumalae1RoyalHawaiian1pre 1915 Jonah Kumalae                                                      Royal Hawaiian


Paul Summers                                                                              Nunes


MNunesnSons4LyonnHealy1MNunesnSons4ShermannClay1M Nunes & Sons for Lyon & Healy                                             M Nunes & Sons for Sherman & Clay




M Nunes & Sons                                                                               Kaneala Makini


KamakaPineapple1kalai1Kamaka Pineapple                                                                  Kalai Pineapple


very old Kamaka                                                                              Kalae Pineapple


kaholas1HawaiianUkuleleMfgCo1Kaholas                                                                               Hawaiian Ukulele Mfg Co.

HawaiianMahoganyCoEchoUke1hanaleiHawaiian Mahogany Mfg. Co. – Echo Uke                                 Hanalei


Anahu Flower of Hawaii                                                     Anahu Flower of Hawaii


aloha1AhTauKam1Aloha                                                                                  Ah (An?) Tau Kam




1915 Jonah Kumalae                                                                        1915 Jonah Kumalae

1915Kumalae1                                                                                       1915 Jonah Kumalae