postcardAloha! We have a new look! It’s been a long time since we added things to the website, but many things have happened to make change now possible, so stay tuned for new ukulele making adventures…

The Ukuleles by Kawika website is a place for anyone who loves the ukulele.  You’ll find:

If you’re interested in applying technology to the making of guitar family instruments, please consider purchasing by book: “Left-Brain Lutherie:  Using Physics and Engineering Concepts for Building Guitar Family Instruments:  An Introductory Guide to Their Practical Application”.  Details can be found here.

Because I like Shiba Inu’s, Birding and Fishing, I’ve also included pages regarding those subjects.

And this Fall (2017) we’re going to Lyon, France for a while. Here’s a page describing our preparations and the actual visit:

Please note that we have retired from active ukulele making and are no longer taking orders or doing repairs.

To send us an e-mail, please send to:      EMAIL 

I hope that the site is informative and fun for you.  That’s really what it’s all about.

Ukuleles by Kawika
Making tomorrow’s vintage instruments…today

Ho’olono ana i ke kani honehone a ka ukulele
(pause to listen to the sweet sound of the ukulele…)