Lauhala Weaving Projects


This section is about the reader having different projects for lauhala weaving. The projects begin simply with a minimum number of inexpensive tools that can be made at home or purchased locally or on the Internet. The projects will include:  weaving a small trivet, coaster  or purse using different weaving styles and many others listed below. 

List of Projects

First Weaving Project – A Lauhala Coaster using Check Weave (Maka Moena)

Second Weaving Project – A Lauhala Trivet Using Check Weave (Maka Moena)

Third Weaving Project – A Trivet using Twill Weave (Maka ‘O’eno)

Fourth Weaving Project – A Trivet/Purse Using Diagonal (Ka’akepa) Weave

Fifth Project -Weaving the Nihoniho (toothed) Coaster

Sixth Project – Making a Small Basket

Seventh Project – Make a Lauhala Covered Door Stop

Eighth Project – Auntie Rosie’s Drinking Glass Sleeve

Ninth Project – Making a Simple Hat – 1

Tenth Project – Starting a Pāpale Pāʻole or Garden Hat

weaving the nihoniho coaster

We’ll also be making a box/ basket; creating a flask cover;  and finally weaving a papale pa’ole or garden hat.