Sample Excel File


Audio File Linked to http://www.ukuleles.com/musicfiles/dtstrm1.au

test audio file

Read a trick somewhere that said hold “Shift” while hitting enter to get a single spaced line.  Otherwise you get a double spaced line with a Hard Enter.

Some notes on the Background plugin
This plugin was real quirky to work with.
It seems to only allow you to upload files from your computer.
I did not find a way to upload a picture from Media Library.
I also found that I had to make sure to watch the bottom left corner after hitting “Update” to make sure that it uploads completely before I hit “View Page”.  This caused me lots of grief thinking that the plugin was not working (I’m used to Oahu internet speeds).

I believe the picture I used is “behind” the page and not visible because it is so small.  It seems that this background image plugin works best with tiling horizontally and vertically.  I changed these variables one by one to see what happened and it works.


Getting Rid of the Leave a Reply Box on the Bottom of every Page
Edit the page you want to get rid of the Reply box on
On the Top, Right of the Page Select the Screen Options
Select the Box that says “Discussion”
Uncheck box “Allow Discussion”
Update Page and the Box is Gone